Year: 2019


TUVO Instruments goes green(er)!

TUVO Instruments attempts to make their products more sustainable through sourcing more eco-friendly materials and making the production of for instance resistance thermometers (pt-100) and thermowells more environmentally friendly. Sustainable materials In an attempt to eventually develop an eco-friendly product line, TUVO Instruments is researching materials that may substitute currently used materials, while being more […]


Quick guide: Thermowells

When a process is tough on your instrumentation, a thermowell might be a great option to protect the instrument from abrasion or corrosion. Thermowells are simple on the basis, but there are some variations possible which we will explain today. Let’s start with the basics: What is a thermowell? What is a thermowell? A thermowell is, […]

PT100 measuring inserts production

Welcome to TUVO Instruments

Hi, and welcome to TUVO Instruments. We are a brand new manufacturer of quality instruments based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At TUVO Instruments, we know the importance of a short notice delivery, just as you want it. TUVO Instruments manufactures custom made quality products, such as: Fully customizable resistance thermometers Fully customizable thermowells Gas actuated […]